Zendays was founded to help people gain the freedom to feel how they want to feel.

Every idea starts out as a problem. In our case, the problem was the insight that thoughts and emotions are the engine of our actions but cannot be easily controlled. All too often, they’re affected by circumstances beyond our control.

It turns out that many successful athletes use some kind of positive reminder. Top athletes—like Tiger Woods and Michael Jordan—often use specific objects to trigger desired emotions. Studies confirm that such items work—not because of some magical properties they might have but because the human mind connects them to positive thoughts and emotions.

We founded Zendays because we didn’t want this mental trick to be restricted to successful athletes but to reinforce the mindsets of many people in many different situations in a positive way.


Zendays bracelets help you remember your personal mindset. They serve as a mental aid reinforcing your thoughts in a positive way.

Each Zenday bracelet represents a specific mindset:

The light blue bracelet represents HAPPY.
The red bracelet represents LOVE.
The green bracelet represents HOPE.
The black bracelet represents STRONG.
The yellow bracelet represents THANKFUL.
The dark blue bracelet represents RELAX.
The gray bracelet represents BUSINESS.
The white bracelet represents FREEDOM.



Your mind will automatically connect colors with thoughts and feelings. We can hardly elude the impact colors have on us. Over the course of your life, certain colors will become connected to specific thoughts and experiences. For example, a day by the ocean with vividly blue water is likely to become connected to a feeling of relaxation. You probably associate red more with love and passion and black and gray with more serious experiences that might have demanded strength or discipline. Because of all of these mental connections, colors will trigger certain thoughts and emotions.


Psychologists are familiar with the so-called anchoring technique, which aids in consciously evoking certain feelings and thoughts. The technique can be very helpful in difficult situations. Imagine having to speak in front of a large audience when you have little experience with this kind of situation. Chances are this will make you insecure or nervous. In a situation like that, it’s great to have something at your disposal that will help you calm down and relax. That’s what the anchoring technique is designed to do.

We want Zendays products to serve as your emotional anchor. Use it to call upon the emotions that are important to you in a given situation by means of colors and symbols.

What kind of thoughts and feelings would you like to be able to consciously evoke?