Nautical bracelets made of real sail rope! The stylish nautical bracelets are not only casual and resistant but also a real eye-catcher. Each bracelet is 100% original and was handmade for you with a lot of love for detail. A magnetic clasp made of high-quality stainless steel connects the sail rope accessory perfectly. You have several clasps to choose from, so you can choose the ideal combination of bracelet and clasp for you.
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Bracelet jewellery made of sail rope
Tradition meets modernity

Our elegant maritime bracelets made of sail rope are handmade for you with great attention to detail. For our accessories, we only use high-quality materials from yacht and boat equipment. The ropes together with our stainless steel magnetic clasps are handcrafted in our manufactory to create a stylish bracelet.

With us, the traditional craft meets a modern fashion jewelry design. Each of our bracelet jewelry items is individually handcrafted for you. Therefore you can always expect the highest quality for your personal Zendays nautical rope bracelet.

Nautical bracelet - handmade bracelets
A womens or mens nautical bracelet from Zendays will convince you with a clear message and show your individuality. Our maritime sail rope bracelets are available with different colors and symbols. Each nautical rope bracelet model has its own meaning. All our bracelets have their sporty maritime look in common.

The maritime casual look with a smart casual style suits almost every situation. A nautical bracelet is therefore always a trendy and stylish accessory.

All mens and womens nautical bracelets are handmade with great attention to detail. Thanks to the use of high-quality ship's rope, maritime bracelets are also particularly durable.

You can order every mens or womens nautical bracelet in different lengths online in our shop. We also offer you a free 30-day exchange guarantee, because we want to make 100% sure that the sporty and stylish jewelry fits your wrist perfectly.

Precise handwork
Each maritime bracelet is individually handmade. The bracelets are made of real sailing rope. They are always available in different colors and sizes. So you will always find your new favorite bracelet with us.

Our nautical bracelets have a high-quality stainless steel magnetic clasp with a special, individual engraving in the clasp. Every Zendays bracelet is not only a maritime, durable accessory but also a stylish eye-catcher on your wrist.